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I’m a Quaker artist and educator based in Portland, Maine. After years spent deep in fiber art, I’ve branched out into the exciting world of printmaking, while keeping a firm hold on my drawing and narrative process. I make zines and hand-bound books, as well as block prints and monotypes, that all seem to circle back to a few core themes: what it’s like to build community, my experience of ecstatic faith, and a belief in (art/body) magic. These are interrogated by my beloved and trusty muses that show up again and again in infinite variations: overly emotional spooks known as Truly Magical Creatures or Tender Monsters, and a variety of different houses, circles, or other places of worship, most notably, the Meetinghouse.

My art and spiritual practices are inextricably linked, and my work is fed constantly by my experiences working with Quaker youth of all ages, working at a summer camp, and building community. My art practice, community work, and faith all require that I empty myself in order to listen to that which I’m called to do, and whether its where a drawing is going, or what a kid needs, or what I say in worship, it all feels the same.

I coordinate an annual gathering of artists, called Art Camp, which explores the intersection of art and faith. Learn more about it here.

Many of my prints are available to purchase at my Etsy shop.

Have questions about what I do, where to buy my stuff, or how to get involved in anything listed above? I’d love to hear from you! Contact